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Oklahoma City's Biggest Little Bike Shop

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We take pride in offering the best motorcycle sales, parts, and service.  We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Since 2004, we have satisfied motorcycle owners from Oklahoma City and beyond~!

Why sell your motorcycle to Heartland Cycles?

  • We give a fair price immediately. You leave with cash/check in hand once deal is made.
  • We immediately put the bike in our name (so if the next owner does something illegal on the motorcycle, it will never come back to you).
  • No dealing with one tire-kicker after another coming over to see your motorcycle.
  • No dealing with having to allow sketchy prospective buyers test rides.
  • You do not have to find a notary to notarize your title.

What do I need for Heartland Cycles to give me a buy-bid on my motorcycle?

Bring your title (in your name) and any lien releases to the shop with your motorcycle.  If you still have a lien on your motorcycle, bring the phone number to the lien holder and any applicable account numbers so that we can verify how much is owed on the bike.  Buy bids are usually good for a couple of weeks after we make the offer.

Why buy a motorcycle from Heartland Cycles?

  • Get a lifetime 10% off on parts and accessories (except tires & OEM parts) regardless of the bike you own or where you bought it.
  • All of our motorcycles get inspected & fixed (if something is broken) before going on the floor.
  • All motorcycles get another thorough inspection before leaving.
  • You will not get stuck with a fine because tags are out of date when you bought the motorcycle.
  • We don't advertise motorcycles that do not have a title ready to go. Title is yours as soon as we receive payment.
  • Buying a pre-owned unit allows somebody else to take the initial hit.
  • Only a $35 dollar document fee
  • We do not rip off with financing. We give you the motorcycle's information to take to the financial institution of your choice.
  • Heartland Cycles does not do consignments, so you know each motorcycle has been thoroughly inspected and is 100% road-ready.

Does Heartland Cycles finance motorcycles?

We are a cash only shop, and that is why we can offer our motorcycles at such great prices. However, if you need financing, you can come in and get the information on a "bike buy sheet" that a financial institution would need. If you don't know which institution you should go to for financing (ie your bank doesn't finance motorcycles), we can help guide you to one suited for your needs.

What items does Heartland Cycles re-inspect when they sell a motorcycle?

Front Tire Wear/Condition Wheel Bolt Horn Brake Fluid Level & Condition Mirrors Drive Belt Condition (if applicable) Clutch Adjustment

Rear Tire Wear/Condition

Axle Nuts Headlights Front Brakes Condition Chain Tension Drive Belt Adjustment (if applicable) Clutch Fluid & Condition
Tire Pressure Blinkers Engine Oil Level & Condition Rear Brakes Condition Chain Condition

Rear Shock Absorbers Condition

Condition of muffler/Exhaust pipes
Condition of Radiator/Coolant Transmission Oil (if applicable) Radiator Condition Coolant Level & Condition Condition of Radiator Hoses Condition of Battery/Cables Fork Seals